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ted, expands his rolls & shorts. Inside 5, seconds snatch powers folder few A card appears sharp to his bent toe nail and clears its mess. He throws it in for the next shuffle view Mind Power reverses the vehicle ted calmly chooses autopiliot route 7, and the map shows up too with a heading All Roads Lead To Rome. A long the ride he pops in on old Rob roddy and sees the fire engine service a big engine  for show The Road Back Rob explains as he refits  with a replacement -  wops out the fuel injectors and lows a webber carb system over the cam shafts pullies 1, by 1.(                                                                        The 10 days Home )

 The watering vessels main plumes were  being drained and then drying out in the Suns finns o'finny and me bought a Sun Machine out of EBAY while Rob worked in tune. The fire crews supplies and them had to bunk up in the West Parade a local hotel for dogs converted for now to. Nothing prepared was our hopes on the Sun Machine


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JOKER Highrise invented after the RWorldOffice

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